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By popular request, we present more rabbits, with even more disapproval.

Please observe all safety precautions, and try not to take it personally; rabbits disapprove of everything.

Cinnamon considers disapproval to be a higher calling.

Hazel practices her disapprove-fu, allowing her to disapprove in any direction at any time.

Ah, the holidays. Trees, snow, family, and Latte disapproving by the tree. Tradition...

Nope, no sir, I don't like it.

Someone two blocks away is in dire need of disapproval!

I don't approve of your tax return.

Cinnamon disapproves of guinea pigs;
they're always trying to tell dirty jokes.

I don't approve of millet being fed to birds. Let me test it one more time. (Munch, munch) Yes, I'm certain I disapprove of millet for birds.

I disapprove of your accusation that I ripped open this delicious deer block. How do you know it wasn't a passing deer?

Give me a #$%&! break.

The most intense bunny disapproval ever recorded on film.
No known survivors.

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