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The madness continues unabated! We are surrounded on all sides by disapproving rabbits! Help!

Vito disapproves of being used as a powder puff.

Sashimi: I don't approve of sand on my behind.

Riena: I disapprove of this plant. I crush it with my immensely cute belly.

Tricksey would like you to know that not only does she disapprove, you've also deeply, deeply disappointed her.

Red: "Did you enjoy your dinner? The accomodations are to your liking? Ah, good. What's that? Oh, that warm sensation you feel? That's just me setting you on fire with my mind!

Mrs. Bunzie disapproves of the shoddy work down at the Easter Egg factory. Now she's behind schedule!

Hugo has a part-time job down at the library, filling in for the marble lions.

Benny disapproves of your choice in take-out.

Kiwi: master of the passive-agressive disapproval. "What? No, everything's fine. Juuuuuuuust fine."

In a situation like this, you just want to back away, very, very slowly and pray that they can identify your body by your dental records.

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