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The disapproval keeps pouring in faster than we can shovel it out. Cinnamon is particularly impressed with the level of bunny disappointment being expressed.

Final stage before ultimate rabbit disapproval. Should your rabbit get to this state, remove your hands immediately and back away slowly never removing eye contact until you are safely in another room.

Do you mind? I'm trying to work on my poetry!

Listen, buddy: you don't tell Scampi when she's had enough to drink. Scampi tells you when Scampi's had enough to drink!

Roos and Daan star in: From the Netherlands, with Disapproval. De afkeurende konijnen!

I don't approve of you in the air, I don't approve of you down the stair, I don't approve way up high, I don't approve far below, I do not like you Sam I am and I do not approve of green eggs and ham.

I disapprove of whomever spilled hay all over the floor (munch, munch). Guess I'll have to clean it up (munch, munch).

Benjamin disapproved of this chair. His owners wisely got rid of it. Benjamin then disapproved of the empty space.

Henry disapproves of faulty camouflage.

Junior, on the other hand, is a master of surprise disapproval.

This bunny is dreaming up new ways to find fault with you.

A disapproval so dense that nothing, not even light, can escape it.

I disapprove of hassenpfeffer!

Hey, where's my copy of Night of the Lepus?

Ladies and gentlemen, the most adorable disapproval ever.

I disapprove of this wall-to-wall carpeting. It tastes terrible.

And then Scrooge received a visit from the Rabbit of Disapproval Yet-To-Come.

All disapproval, all the time.

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