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We're getting a lot of great disapproval from your rabbits. Cinnamon's paw-picked these as her favorites... to disapprove of.

Edvard Munch's The Disapproval

Frosty the Snowbunny was a disapproving soul...

Left untreated, dust bunnies can grow to clog vaccuum cleaners with their disapproval.

Psst! Jailbreak in five minutes. Pass it on.

Making a list, checking it through.
Gonna find out, who's been disapproved.

I disapprove of whatever you're doing under there!

Zen riddle: What is the sound of one rabbit disapproving?

It's been a hard day's disapproval.

I disapprove of your fabric softener!

It finally happened.
Someone had the stuffing disapproved out of them.

I disapprove of your thread count!

A scene cut from Disapproval Dearest.

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